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The Muhammad Ali Center

The Muhammad Ali Center Free Online Research Papers As I walked into the Muhammad Ali Center I read a mission statement in bold black letters, it stated â€Å"To preserve and share the legacy and the ideals of Muhammad Ali, to promote, respect, honor, and understanding and to inspire adults and children everywhere, to be as great as they can be. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. later known as Muhammad Ali, was an African American boxer, and was proud of it. Many African Americans were ashamed of their color, but Ali was different. He was the first boxer to win the Heavyweight Championship 3 different times. He had a great personality and was liked by the people. During his life, he made big decisions that changed the course of his life completely. Muhammad Alis journey through life was a great inspiration for African American people, but Ali himself inspires admiration to everybody. Muhammad Ali was a man made to box. He had a great career before him since he made his first professional fight under President Eisenhower presidency. Through hard work and discipline, he became a professional fighter and eventually the heavyweight champion of the world. Although he lost the title twice, he regained it three times, putting him in the history books. His boxing career was put to an end when he started suffering from Parkinsons disease. This was the end of his boxing, but his greatness will never die. Muhammad Ali wanted to see peace in the country, especially racial peace. Also, he was not totally convinced with the idea of segregation because it is not good to make people be together against their will. This way of thinking and qualities is what Malcolm X saw in Ali, and therefore thought Ali could be a great messenger for the African Americans .Alis ideas and actions distinguished him from the rest, he was an inborn leader. During his life, Ali was forced to make some tough decisions, and always made them his own way. At the time of Alis fighting, the United States were involved in the Vietnam War. As a result, young Americans were been drafted to serve in the military. When political figures saw Ali fighting, they decided to stop the hurting of our own and draft him, so he hurts the people in Vietnam. Ali was not pleased with this decision, because he had just won the Heavyweight Championship and because he said, I aint got no quarrel with them Vietcong. His final decision on the issue was that he would not go to war. He was not willing to go and kill people, while his own are in bad conditions at home. In the same way, he was forced to decide if he wanted to become a billionaire and sell his people, or to become poor and not sell his people. For this rebel action, his Heavyweight Title was taken away and he was put in jail. This did not matter to him because he had followed his beliefs and obeyed All ah. He has taught his people a lesson, and that is what satisfies him. Alis strong beliefs cut his uprising career and took away his greatest years as a person and as a boxer. A very important quality that shapes Alis personality is his faith in religion. Ali risked his whole career in making a choice, right or wrong. To his eyes, the correct action was to stay and face the consequences, but not go and kill innocent people. He did not agree with discrimination, and said, People are people: God created us all. Ali was Muslim and changed his name because he had the name of his father which was passed down from a slave master. He followed his beliefs strongly and without hesitation. He went to jail because he preferred to follow Allahs laws than the land laws. His actions were greatly criticized, but also greatly supported. The country was divided in two during the time Ali and the Vietnam War were alive. The Civil Rights divided the country in two. The first group was those people that did not have an opinion on the War, so they approved it. This people thought that Ali was bad, they even feared the champion. They thought he was manipulated by his religion, and was dangerous to the society. In the other hand, the second group of people that thought the war was wrong and wanted to put a stop to it. They viewed it as a waste of time and resources. This people supported Ali and liked him. Ali was different. He had such a strong personality that he did belong to the anti-war group, but, did not participate in the organizations. He stood alone and this made him stand out. His ability to unite people under one cause made him very special and liked by most people. Muhammad Ali was different from other African Americans because he saw himself as equal to a white man. He did not think of himself as less or inferior, he even considered himself, The Greatest Muhammad Ali had a very high self-esteem and this gave him the motivation and confidence to do what he wanted. In his opinion, Black people wanted a country of their own, a country they could run and look for. Black people deserve this, because African Americans will never be free in this country, a change has to occur. The white people have brainwashed all African Americans in thinking only white is good. This kind of thought makes black people feel inferior and therefore are inferior. Ali had a good control over young kids because they looked up to him. He told this kids that the primary key for his successful career and victory in fights was that he won intellectually first, and then fought. To have this intellectual skill, go to school and get educated, then, African Americans may start r ising. Ali tried to make it possible for more and more blacks to succeed in life. Muhammad Ali had never visited South Africa due to the fact that the white government of that country was racist. The black people were treated really unfairly and without compassion. Finally, he decided to make a twelve-day visit to this country. People still regard him as the greatest and many people listen to him. Ali is just glad that at least in some places, discrimination is decreasing, but he is still fighting to solve it in other places. Muhammad Ali gave speeches, visited places and met people. At the time he visited the country, assassinations, riots, and violence were taking place. Ali had the power to and influence with his presence to keep the peace and change the behavior of millions of Blacks. He is a positive image and example to many people, his only presence influences and impacts people greatly. Ali has been deteriorated physically by Parkinsons Disease. Ali sees this as nothing, and wants to help people that share his same misfortune. His goal is now to help everybody who needs it, so he is backing up a research on the disease to try and find a cure. He is hoping his name will inspire people to unite for this cause and help in the research. Also, many people would think that Ali is now defeated and finished, but for him, boxing was the introduction to his life. He views that boxing introduced him to life and now it is when he has to live. He has to act to stop discrimination, especially racial, worldwide. Also, the world is filled with crime and hunger. He wants to help this people and stop these wrong actions. With the support and image Ali has, he may be able to help current leaders, as he helped his black brothers, solve this threatening problems. Muhammad Ali is a man of class, honor and intelligence. He has taught not only his Black brothers, but also everybody in the world we are all equal. To African Americans he is very important for his support. Muhammad Alis journey through life was a great inspiration for African American people, but Ali himself inspires admiration to everybody. His ideas and actions give us all an example of what it is to really believe in something and risk losing it all for doing what is right. Alis actions and decisions showed us he was not afraid of failure. His tranquility and determination made some people admire him. He made his decisions and stuck to them. Like he said, And now the whole world knows that, so far as my own beliefs are concerned, I did what was right for me. Not only did I see the mission statement as I entered the center I couldn’t help but stop and read it again before I left. While reading it again I thought about the cafà © exhibit where you walk in and the bell rings a voice says, â€Å"Get out we don’t serve your kind.† The cafà © exhibit let me experience some of the feelings my ancestors had for decades however I experienced this feeling for only a few hours. I learned that Muhammad Ali not only paved the way in the ring he had a hand in paving the way for many African Americans and their right to equality. At the center I also learned a lot of history on Ali and his journey. Research Papers on The Muhammad Ali CenterThe Effects of Illegal Immigration19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraCapital PunishmentThe Fifth HorsemanHip-Hop is ArtBringing Democracy to AfricaComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoAppeasement Policy Towards the Outbreak of World War 2Quebec and CanadaWhere Wild and West Meet

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Team DISC Assessment Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Team DISC Assessment - Coursework Example Team building often involves the bringing together of new teams and giving them a new sense of direction, a period of getting to know their colleagues, as well as recognizing abilities and skills. Team working on the other hand involves the sharing of ideas, supporting one another and being open. It is also important to note that good leadership is essential to any business; it is an important factor for making an organization successful. Leaders are a key human resource in each and every organization (Hersen, 2004). In fact, the importance of leadership in management can never be overemphasized. In order for things to get done by people in the organization, the management must supply leadership in the organization. Team work is especially essential in order for one to realize the organizational goals, and it is the work of the managers to influence the team to work and accomplish through leadership. Further, it is imperative to understand that leadership often aids authority and it must go hand in hand with team work. Pursia’s DISC assessment was an impresser. This was her strongest quality. Being an impresser in the organization is extremely useful (Sugerman, 2011). This is because it helps one charm to the business partners as well as breaks the ice when it comes to meetings within the organization. Further, being an impresser is also important as it helps employees to take greater responsibility when it comes to decision making and also helps team members to take control of the work processes (Avery, 2001). The impresser often helps in improving morale as the employee can be able to effectively gain more authority as well as ownership over the projects that one is working on. With the help of the impresser, she can help with the extra responsibility which can effectively lead to a more rewarding work environment as well as lower turnover. Further, with the impresser working on a team it gives the employees a greater sense of belonging and

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The Influence of Social Media on Organizations Essay - 16

The Influence of Social Media on Organizations - Essay Example Social media has significantly assisted in the marketing of most organization since there is wide access by many people in different parts of the world. The drawbacks can be handled in a way that they do not hinder certain media, first the organizations need to come up with techniques which ensure that sensitive information regarding the organization is not leaked through social media, the administrators should maintain interest and motivation. Â   Social media sites should be free, neutral and unbiased to any group of people. Most of the information that should be censured is any information that is unethical or attempts to ruin the organization reputation. Some of the information I would avoid making part of my social media strategy include, hate speech, racial discrimination, false information, or any other information that is not socially acceptable. Email and blogs are among the most useful social media sources to send communications to customers and stakeholders, different social media like Facebook accounts, twitter, and LinkedIn are more suitable for employees. This media source enables the organization to be accessible by many people from different parts of the world. The social media are extremely efficient since the stakeholders, management, and personnel can discuss a matter online. People can interact with the organization from all corners of the world. With time meetings in organizations may be organized through social media. Technology is changing exceptionally fast, and new ideas are born every day and night. There is a lot in the store since there are many developments in the field of information technology. Social media is going to take over as the most reliable mode of communication. The security features in the social media are going to be increased, and this will invite more people.

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Biological and Chemical Weapons Essay Example for Free

Biological and Chemical Weapons Essay The Environment is at stake: Weapons that draws the environment into destruction Introduction The most important gift of God would definitely be the environment. Although it does not actually comes to our senses how important this one is, we must understand and accept the fact that we are in need of protection to save the environment. When God created the whole world, he made it perfect for the people and in return, we were asked to take care of it as he did. It may not be that convincing but these worlds would probably help us realize that the environment was not just a simple world we are living in, a part of our everyday lives, not just a place that we can use and later abandon. Environment is a dear gift from the God above thus we, as human beings are in need to protect the greatest and most magnificent work he made. There is a debate when it comes to the proper use and the proper care of the environment. We cannot deny the truth that the environment are now weary and used. None of the people who used it took the chance to stand up and restore its beauty. Instead, we are destroying it more and more thus we end up making harmful things not just to the people but also to the environment. In present, there are two kinds of people in relation with the environment. The environmentalists who would keep on doing what they think is right for the environment while the other one were the people who would not stop doing ill things and would continue putting not just the environment but also the people at stake. At this point of our life, in the 21st century, the people would not stop cutting trees and at the same time killing animals. The environment advocates would also not stop to protect the environment thus they will keep on fighting for the best for the environment but until then, we would not know what will happen. We could not determine and we cannot identify the real end of this destruction. This time, this paper will not talk about the never ending issue of illegal cutting of trees or the pollution there is in the air, instead, we will focus with a much greater threat not just in the environment but also in the human race. It does not limit its destruction to just a single aspect or portion human life or life existence on Earth, instead, it broadens its purpose and further makes people realize that we are indeed intelligent individuals. The development of Nuclear Weapons and also both the Biological and Chemical Weapons mostly used in wars are now the greatest threat existing in our generation. The use of these weapons would result to several effects and problems which will need the help of most of the people in the world. Although the use of these weapons were long been banned by the United Nations, another problem exist. This time, it has nothing to do with war but instead, with the environment and the disposal of the wastes it gives to the whole world. In here must we argue that the countries who kept on making and producing these weapons and at the same time, nuclear energy does not think of what could happen with the whole world because of their greediness or perhaps their love of money and power. Not that we are actually contesting their ideologies but we are actually thinking of what could have been in the near future if these wastes will not be disposed properly. It will lead into harmful incident thus it will endanger both the people and the environment.

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The Process of Exorcism Essay -- Religion

When the term exorcism is mentioned, many people think of the devil-possessed head spinning, lead character in the 1973 movie The Exorcist. What is the actual definition of exorcism that Hollywood does not share with us? Exorcism as defined by the Catholic Encyclopedia is (1) the act of driving out, or warding off, demons, or evil spirits, from persons, places, or things, which are believed to be possessed or infested by them, or are liable to become victims or instruments of their malice; (2) the means employed for this purpose, especially the solemn and authoritative adjuration of the demon, in the name of God, or any of the higher power in which he is subject (Toner). However, man people are far less versed in the Roman Catholic form of exorcism. The term Exorcism is derived from the Greek word â€Å"Exorkizein,† which means to bring by oath (Toner). The earliest accounts of exorcism come from ancient Babylon, where Babylonian priests served as the ritual performers of exorcisms. These ancient priests would construct wax or clay figurines suppose to represent the demon ascribed to the possessed person. The demon resembling figurines were then destroyed resulting the demonic spirit being removed from the person. The Fear of demonic spirits was so high in ancient Babylon that it was considered to be â€Å"the most important factor of daily life of a Babylonian.† The first explanations, which were written by the Assyrians for the handling of illness, incorporated prayers to god and challenges towards demons who were believed to be associated with diseases of every type (Bancroft). Exorcism continued to impact the Empires of ancient Mesopotamia in the 6th century Persian Empire. In the official religion of Persia, Zoroastrianism, accoun... ...s/religion/re0418.html>. Graham, Fr. Cliff. "Exorcism--The Facts!" Exorcism--The Facts! Jan. 2007. Web. 12 Apr. 2012. MacNutt, Francis. The Healing Reawakening and Deliverance from Evil Spirits. Grand Rapids, Mich: Chosen, 2009. Print. Matthew. The New American Bible: With Revised New Testament. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1987. Print. Mark. The New American Bible: With Revised New Testament. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1987. Print. Martin, Malachi. Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans. New York: Quality Paperback Book Club, 2000. Print. Toner, Patrick. "Exorcism." The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 5. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1909. 2 Apr. 2012 . Weller, Philip T. The Roman Ritual. Milwaukee: Bruce Pub., 1964. Print.

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Enduring Love Quotes

Chapter 2 Although passion is not dealt with directly in this chapter, if you consider that Joe was passionate about the balloon incident then the following points can be made: â€Å"I was wild by now, ready to fight, run, dance, you name it† (page 20) Joe is clearly caught up in the moment, and his adrenaline has kicked in. Adrenaline itself can be seen as a form of liberation as it frees the body of its restrictions, and as the ‘fight or flight response theory’ says, allows you to escape dangerous situations, freeing yourself. the mania began to subside and I felt trapped and lonely in my decision† (page 21) This same excitement has now disappeared and he is imprisoned by his decision to go forward and investigate, as â€Å"to turn back would mean humiliation† for him. His desire to take control of the situation has led to him being in an ironically undesirable situation. This chapter also offers the first hints about Jed’s â€Å"long winter of obsession†, and although there are often references to the future they rarely tie in to the coursework title. ’What we could do, he said with a seriousness which warned against mockery, ‘is to pray together’† (page 25) Jed’s passion for religion has given him a means of liberation from the grim reality of the incident, as he believes that prayer will help them. However, this then backfires and his need to prayer imprisons him to be alone in prayer, as Joe will not join in. Chapter 4 Page 42 â€Å"My tormentor stirred†¦ † The love that Jed is creating in his imagination is making Joe constantly feel anxious and is imprisoning his thoughts and only allowing him to focus on Jed. Page 40 â€Å"†¦I returned his passion†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Because he is tal king about this passion it is liberating him by getting it off his chest. Page 44 â€Å"I was scared of what it would do to me† He is talking about this situation with Jed and we can see that this obsession and passion from Jed is creating mixed emotions and creating this presence that Joe feels is constantly surrounding him. Chapter 5 – â€Å"I had already travelled some distance that evening from the time I had come in and had wanted only to talk to Clarissa about Parry† Imprisoning Joe as Jed is constantly on his mind and in his thoughts, even when spending time with Clarissa. â€Å"I love you† Carissa’s passion is liberated for Joe. – â€Å"He felt it too? † The whole situation with Jed traps Joe into this thought that he doesn't know the answer to. Chapter 6 Pg 59 middle of pg . â€Å"I almost said, or following me, but something held me back. † By Joe not telling Jed that he does not want him to stop following him, it lea ves Jed with the option to continue following joe without calling. As seen later in the novel, Jed does not call Joe as much butt continues to follow Joe, by writing letters and looking at his research.This imprisons Joe because Jed’s passion and love for him leads to Jed stalking him and becoming a dangerous threat to Joe and later Clarissa. Pg 56 above middle. â€Å"my cell, my guilt? † Joe feels guilty about the death of John Logan and feels he should go and tell Jean Logan (wife) . Joe wants to keep the fact that he thinks he caused john logan’s death by letting go of the balloon imprisons him because when he eventually goes to visit Jean Logan with his premeditated speech prepared about how John was brave etc.Is not appreciated by mrs logan because she asks him to find out if her husband was cheating on her. This imprisons him because he cannot get in touch with anyone else but Parry, the man who is passionately in love with him. Pg 60. â€Å"when this sto ry was closed it would be important to know something about Parry† I think what is being said is that because Joe is so passionate about science, he treats meeting Parry as some kind of experiment, he HAS to find SOMETHING out about him, and I believe Joe’s passion for science and wanting o know more imprisons him because he agrees to meet Jed. This leads to Jed thinking(in ch 7) that Joe sends more signals and then Jed’s obsessive love imprisons Joe throughout the novel Chapter 7 1) â€Å"You love me and there’s nothing I can do but return your love†¦ I don’t know why you have chosen me. All I know is that I love you too now†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Jed to Joe) (Imprisoning) This quote suggests that the assumed love that Joe has for Jed is imprisoning him because he has no choice but to give it back so he doesn’t necessarily feel liberated by the love given to him.This quote can also suggest that Jed may feel liberated by Joe because he says tha t Joe has chosen him which means he has been selected from and preferred above others. 2) â€Å"I was quite interested to know, although I also wanted to get away† (Joe to Jed) (Imprisoning) Although Joe is obviously feeling uncomfortable and awkward around Jed, he is still reluctant to leave him and still pushes to ask him questions even though he thinks Jed accusations are obscene. This might make feel Joe feel imprisoned because his actions can not reflect his mind because of the affect Jed has on him. ) â€Å"He was watching my face with a kind of hunger, a desperation† (Joe) (Liberating) Joe described the way Jed was looking at him like he was desperate which may suggest Jed relies on him to liberate him from whatever pain he is going through. This indicates that Jed needs their love to liberate him and is also desperate for it. 4) â€Å"I was feeling suffocated†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Joe) (Imprisoning) The fact that Joe uses the word suffocated suggests that Joe feels t hat Jed is preventing him from his right of living with both his presence and ways of thinking.The fresh air that Joe once had in his life has been cut off by the discomfort of Jed. Chapter 8 Jed seems to be imprisoning Joe from the very beginning of the chapter ‘I heard his voice on the monitor echo in the hall behind me. Joe, God’s love will seek you out’ he is unable to escape Parry ‘I went back to the hall and turned the monitor volume down’ the use of ‘echo’ is effective because it portrays how Parry is now all around him; he is unable to break away from the situation which seems unreal, he is constantly being reminded of their apparent ‘love. ’ In the bathroom I splashed my face with cold water†¦ it’s almost as though Joe cannot grasp the reality of the situation, he even has to splash his face with cold water to wake him up. He feels imprisoned by Jed’s love and is confused as to why Jed is so obses sed ‘Wondering what it would be like to be obsessed by someone like me’ Joe is terrified by the situation, he related back to the ballooning incident when they were having a picnic and Clarissa handed him a bottle of wine. He is trying to work out when the obsessions began and what triggered them. He is unable to escape Parry who has become so close to him now emotionally and physically.Joe feels the need to trace back to solve the situation which shows how serious it has become and how much it is now bothering him, it is affected his relationship with Clarissa. This is highlighted by the face Jed cannot escape from him in his own home; he results to turning of the answering machine. By the end of the chapter Joe has been affected ‘I thought, I’m in a relationship’ shows how Jed has the power to make Joe feel as though he is trapped in a relationship with him, he feels emotionally connected with him and is unable to break away.Parry could also be con sidered to be imprisoned by his love for Joe, ‘ he was always there, staring at the entrance, like a dog tied up outside the shop’ he is waiting just to speak to Joe who has described him as an animal possible because of his lack of care felt towards him. Furthermore, Parry is searching for signals ‘Joe, Brilliant idea with the curtains. I got it straight away? All I wanted to say is this. I feel it too. I really do’ he is seeking any little possibility that they could be together. In addition, he is trying to relate to Joe’s feelings to feel emotionally close.Chapter 9 ‘They rarely row, Clarissa and Joe. She is especially bad at arguments. She has never been able to accept the rules of engagement which permit or require you to say things that you do not mean, or are distorted truths or not true at all. She can’t help feeling that every utterance of hers takes her further not only from Joe’s love, but from all the love she’ s ever had, and makes her feel that a buried meanness has been exposed that truly represents her’This shows that passion can be imprisoning because it’s causing her not to say things because she’s frightened she’ll lose him. Causing her to think less highly of herselfClarissa’s personality is being held hostage by this fear of rejectionWe need to bear in mind that Clarissa and Joe are very comfortable with each other, these things are routineWe can prove it because while Clarissa is in the bath washing, Joe is sitting in the room having a conversation with her.‘His emotions are slow to shift to anger in the first place. ’ ‘Your only concern is I’m not massaging your damned feet after your hard day’ ‘Also it’s particularly hard to be harsh to Clarissa because she is so easy to wound. Angry words leave an instant mark of pain across her face’Jed’s passion for Joe provokes a kind of liberatio n in that Joe undergoes a personality change and breaks his own rules on what to say to Clarissa. ‘This reference to a recent tender half hour shows Joe as much as Clarissa. He had no resentment at the time, in fact he enjoyed it’This causes him to experience pleasure while hurting her. Clarissa leaves the room; ‘While it’s still delicious to feel wronged’ Ironically, she feels happy because Joe has hurt her. He feels he wouldn’t mind picking up the dressing table stool and throwing it through the window’ It is liberating because Joe wants to express and express his personality.Chapter 10 â€Å"Parry of course was to blame for coming between Clarissa and me†¦ † This shows how Parry’s passion towards Joe imprisons Joe, as it is ruining his relationship with Clarissa. So it is imprisoning Joe and also Clarissa showing that, passion can not only be imprisoning for the two people involved but can also affect those around as well. ‘high railings and perhaps some kind of military presence, a security guard or sentry. This shows one of the many references to prisons and imprisoned places during the book. Showing that as he saw his after Jed that it refers to how his passion is imprisoning Joe. â€Å"What do you want? †¦ Parry’s sobs got the better of him then. † This shows how Jed lets his emotions get the better of him and he almost explodes.He becomes out of control, his passion imprisons himself, and he does things that maybe aren’t seen as normal and this shows how he is feeling used and tortured and that he can’t get away from Joe, so he is imprisoned by him. â€Å"I thought of Clarissa with a sudden leap of cheerful love†¦ Here passion is shown to be liberating. As Joes passion towards Clarissa helps him, makes him happy and almost hopeful. It also seems to help him pull through all the nastiness he just experienced. Chapter 11 (Jed’s first lett er) Page 94 – â€Å"And you, constrained as you are by your situation and by your sensitivity to Clarissa’s feelings† In Jed’s letter, he says that he understands why Joe cannot contact him directly and obviously. Jed feels that this is because Joe’s passion for Clarissa is imprisoning him by preventing him from contacting Jed, which Jed feels is what Joe wants to do.Page 94 – 95 – â€Å"What I’m trying to say is, you’ve seen my soul (I’m certain of that), and you know how to reach deeper into me, but you know next to nothing about the ordinary details of my life – how I live, where I live, my past, my story. It’s only the outer clothing, I know, but our love has to include it all† Passion is liberating as, according to Jed, his passion for Joe means that Jed can tell Joe everything about him. Passion is liberating because Jed’s â€Å"soul† has been revealed to Joe.However, it co uld also be said that passion is imprisoning as Jed says â€Å"our love has to include it all†, which could be seen as imprisoning as it means Joe has to know everything about Jed and Jed has to know everything about Joe. This could be imprisoning as it means they have no privacy. Page 97 – â€Å"Does it horrify you that I can see through you so easily? I hope it thrills you, the way it thrills me when you guide me with your messages, these codes that tap straight into my soul† Jed believes that he completely understands Joe, because of their love.This passion is liberating as Jed believes that his passion for Joe has given him the ability to understand him easily. Chapter 13 â€Å"I wanted to suggest that we talked in the garden, under the blossom, in the fresh air. † Top of page 113 This particular quote could be taking very literally; Joe feels imprisoned in the house, trapped by Mrs Logan’s passionate grief over the death of her husband.  "If she comes near this house,† Jean Logan said simply as the door behind us opened and two children came into the room, â€Å"I’ll kill her. God help me but I will. Page 117 last paragraph. This quote is a good example of just how imprisoned by passion Mrs Logan is. With the picnic that she has kept, and the over-analysis of the rose water on the scarf, along with this quote we can tell how trapped by the idea of her husband having an affair she is. However, whether her husband turns out to have been cheating or not, both outcomes will be distressing for her. If he really was she will have to live with the idea that she was unfaithful, if he never did she has to live with the knowledge that she suspected him, even after he died a hero.On the other hand it could also be said that she is liberated by this passion as it gives her something to focus on other than the loss of her husband. â€Å"Imagining what it would mean†¦ and save our love. † Page 112, Secon d paragraph. Seeing Mrs Logan’s grief reignites in Joe his passion for Clarissa, which in turn liberates him from his obsession with Jed, albeit only temporarily. He realises that he needs to try to save their relationship. Chapter 14 pg118 â€Å"It was with a touch of sadness that Clarissa sometimes told me that I would have made a wonderful father. Here, Joe’s love for Clarissa is presented as being imprisoning as Joe is willing (and happy) to stay with Clarissa despite saying that love’s only use was reproduction. It is ironic that later in the book Joe and Clarissa adopt a child, have his attitudes changed towards the purpose of love? Joe’s passion for rationality might restrict him from committing to Clarissa as they cannot reproduce together. Joe is torn between his want or even need to be a father, and wanting to stay with the love of his life.Pg118 â€Å"I see myself through that child’s eyes, and remember how I regarded adults when I was small. They seemed a grey crew to me, too fond of sitting down, too keen on small talk, too accustomed to having nothing to look forward to. † The notion of rationality being a kind of innocence or naivety as pointed out by Clarissa is reinforced here. Adults are often restricted by commitments, duties, morals etc. Childhood can be considered a small period of freedom as children do not have the duties or commitments that an adult does.Thus, Joe is liberated by his passion for rationality (if we adopt the view that rationality is a kind of innocence) as he is not confined by the 9-5 regularity of a mundane adult life. pg121 â€Å"Was my life to be entirely subordinate to other people’s obsessions? † It is clear that Joe is imprisoned by Jed’s love towards him, as he himself develops an obsession with finding threats in Jed’s actions. This comes very close to ruining Joe and Clarissa’s relationship. Therefore we can say that Jed’s love for Joe is imprisoning for Joe as he is in a mental cage of which he cannot escape.At this point, Joe is talking about being subordinate to Jean Logan’s obsession about finding the truth about her late husband. The book is very centred on obsessions and the fact that McEwan infers that Joe’s mental health is gradually deteriorating shows that Joe is being destroyed by the obsessions. Tension is also built, as again Joe cannot escape from them. Why does Joe agree to phone the other people from the accident when he seems so intent on avoiding further trouble? Chapter 15 â€Å"He (Parry) said, ‘I’m pretty well off you know. I can get people to do things for me.Anything I want. There’s always someone who needs the money. What’s surprising is how cheap it is, you know, for something you’d never do yourself? ’† Though at the time Parry seems to be referring to the ease of hiring a researcher, the subtle threat that lies undern eath these words stems from his passion (as does pretty much anything Parry does) and he ends up trapping Joe, who will now have to go around worrying about what Parry could do. â€Å"We were so happy in our reunion, so easy with each other, and now I could not quite imagine a route back into that innocence. Thanks to the passion of the last few weeks; both Jed’s passion for Joe and Joe’s speculated return passion for Jed, both Joe and Clarissa (and pretty much every other character) are now trapped, waiting for the story they are in to unfold, and cannot get back to the way things were. Chapter 16 Jed’s – Second Letter Page 133 – â€Å"He needs my help, I told myself whenever I came close to giving up, he needs me to set him free from his little cage of reason. † Jed feels that his passion for Joe and his passion for his faith can liberate Joe from his beliefs in science and â€Å"reason†.Joe’s passion for science is imprison ing him in a â€Å"cage of reason† where he cannot understand faith. Page 136 – â€Å"one day you’ll be glad to say, deliver me from meaninglessness† Jed believes that his passion for his faith will make Joe want to be liberated from the â€Å"meaninglessness† of science and reason. Page 137 – â€Å"In four years’ journalism, not a word about the real things like love and faith. † Passion is imprisoning because Joe’s passion for science is imprisoning him for expressing and believing in the importance of â€Å"love and faith†. Chapter 17Pg141 â€Å"I had started this love affair and I should therefore face my responsabilities towards him. † Jed’s obsession with Joe has now become so intrinsic to Joe’s life that he is led to believe that he is the cause of it. Jed’s letters are persuasive enough that Joe almost seems to accept that it was he who started Parry’s erotomania, this im prisons Joe as he thinks he is to blame†¦ and possibly to blame for the breakdown of his and Clarissa’s relationship as he also reflects again upon his luck of his ending up with Clarissa if he is so â€Å"oafishly large and coarse†(pg140) – makes Joe feel inadequate â€Å"I wanted more than that (hint of threat).I longed for it. Please put the weapon in my hands, Jed. One little threat would have given me enough to take to the police, but he denied me. † Joe is in a sort of limbo, the obsession is too much for Joe to just ignore, but too small for the police to take any sort of action. Therefore, Joe is restricted by Jed’s love as although he might say something in his letters that Joe could meticulously infer was a threat, Jed’s love for Joe is too strong for him to be overtly threatening. Pg143 â€Å"This was love’s prison of self-reference. † Jed’s solipsism is imprisoning as said by Joe, for Joe or Jed?Jed refu ses to be affected by external factors as Joe tries to create these signals himself, he lives in his own world creating his own signals that supposedly come from Joe. Chapter 18 â€Å"Clarissa thought her emotions were the appropriate guide, that she could feel her way to the truth† This shows passion to be almost liberating as Clarissa believes her passion towards Joe, and almost her passion towards emotion and her beliefs will bring her to the ‘truth’ and will help her to find what she needs. â€Å"I gathered all Parry’s letters together†¦ lacing each in a plastic folder. † Here we see how passion can be imprisoning, as Jed’s passion for Joe is imprisoning Joe, as it has made Joe obsessive in a way and makes him feel like he needs to spend a lot of time on this. So we see that is it bothering him, as he can’t do anything about it and so it is constantly on his mind. â€Å"it’s because one of our little playful episodes b rought me for the first time in my life†¦ on the edge of the invisible pitch. † Here we see how Joe’s passion for Clarissa and also reading and broadening his mind both are liberating to him.As we see how this is a significant moment for Joe, which has stuck in his mind because it mixed the two things he was so passionate about, which obviously made him happy. Analysis of Chapter 22 In this chapter, Jed Parry’s emotions are presented clearly, he feels emotionally imprisoned by his love for Joe, and has forbidden Clarissa to leave the apartment. In this chapter, Joe’s emotions reach the peak, this is shown because previous chapters he states how ‘alone’ he feels which lead him to purchase the gun for protection.The authorities have ignored Joe’s cause of concerns which leaves him feeling imprisoned and following a criminal root to resolve the situation. His imprisonment is presented when he says ‘It was just another of those i nert devices you wrap at home after shopping- mobile phone, VTR, microwave- and wonder how difficult it’s going to be to bring it to life’ he is trying to come to terms with the situation by relating it to things that he is familiar with such as home devices.‘These are the rumbling giants of this lower world for not far below the hreshold of visibility was the seething world of roundworms- the scavengers and the predators who red on them†¦ ’This reference to nature’s cycle possibly portrays his feelings towards the situation with Jed, that beneath the surface there are always complications for instance Jed’s emotions are deeper- it is an illness. Furthermore, the problems are not always visible just like Jed’s illness people are not listening to Joe which is making him imprisoned. Possibly the cycle reflects how Joe feels trapped in an emotional rollercoaster with Jed, unable to escape like the creatures who are in a food chain cy cle. ‘Round the back, where the dustbins were kept, was a locked fire escape for which only residents had the key’ Another cycle has been created, as Joe says ‘I haven’t been out here since the morning after Logan’s accident, after Parry’s phone call’ as we are taken back to when everything went wrong- the ballooning accident. Possibly the cycle portrays how trapped Joe feels unable to break away from Jed’s love, and feeling alone with no support from the authorities. Several relations to cycles emphasises how enclosed Joe feels. Chapter 23 We’ve loved each other passionately and loyally. Their love for each other has both liberated them.On the one hand, Joe’s love and passion for Clarissa drives him to keep things from her and eventually results in him shooting Parry before he could do any damage but he is liberated from the relationship (at the time) because Clarissa still wants time apart. Perhaps it became a sub stitute for the science you wanted to be doing Joe’s passion for science makes Clarissa believe that Jed was like a science experiment to Joe, and because Joe is so passionate about science he threw himself into researching everything he could about Jed but he imprisoned himself and became more distant and isolated from Clarissa.Chapter 24 â€Å"I dreaded more personal talk in such an enclosed space† (page 222) Their previous passion now means they cannot be so close together and quotes such as the above, or â€Å"we were in six feet of space, shoulder to shoulder in fact† suggest that they are imprisoned together, even though Joe desires liberation from the situation. â€Å"A rule never to be seen together in Oxford† (page 228) Even though Bonnie and Reid seem to love each other, the fact that they are a teacher and student means they are imprisoned to not be seen around Oxford.Another side of the argument is that passion has liberated Reid, as he feels that â€Å"it’ll be a relief to resign†. â€Å"But who’s going to forgive me? † (page 230) Jean Logan will now likely be imprisoned by guilt for the rest of her life, as she falsely accused John of an affair; her passion for him led to her almost going insane and coming up to baseless conclusions, much as Jed did, and now she is suffering for it. Appendix The whole letterThis letter is ironic due to the fact that his enduring love and passion for Joe has mentally imprisoned him as well as physically imprisoning him. Page 245 â€Å"I’ve never felt so free† This phrase is completely ironic as Jed believes that his love and passion for Joe has freed him however his love and passion for Joe has imprisoned him in a mental asylum. Page 245 â€Å"Thank you for loving me† The idea that this passion he feels for Joe is real and reciprocated is one of the various imprisoning thoughts in Jed’s head.

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The s First Retrospective Exhibition - 1196 Words

Lucian Freud was a German born British artist. After being born on December 8th of 1922, he lived in Berlin for 11 years. His family then moved to London, England because of the rise of Nazism. He studied at the Central School of Arts in London for a year, then from 1939-42 at the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing in Debham and in 1942-43 at Goldsmiths College in London. He had his first solo exhibition in 1944 at the Lefevre Gallery. Before moving to Holland Park, Freud owned a studio in Paddington, London for 30 years. He was close friends with other English artist such as Francis Bacon and Frank Auerbach, who all help establish the art movement known as â€Å"The School of London†. This was a movement of figurative artists who all knew each other during the boom years of abstract painting. Freud’s first retrospective exhibition was organised by the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1974 at the Hayward Gallery in London. In 1989 he was shortlisted for the Tu rner Prize. In 2001 he completed his portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Although he got harshly criticized for this painting, it did not greatly harm his reputation. Later on he had many more retrospective shows. The latest Lucian Freud exhibit was at the London National Portrait Gallery in 2012, 6 months after his death. Lucian Freud died on July 20, 2011, since then there have been auctions of his paintings that have sold for up to 52.6 million dollars. Although Freud has had many different painting styles, hisShow MoreRelatedThe Gallery, By Artist Joan Ryan And Destroy Delete Transform By Andrea Burgay. R. Gallery937 Words   |  4 Pages Gallery is the first not-for-profit, all-women artist-directed, cooperative art gallery in the United States. The gallery was established for the reason that, despite gains made by the early women artists’ movement, the majority of the emergent women had no place to show their art. As an advocate for women artists, A.I.R. Gallery has worked tirelessly to promote women artists and maintained a driving force in the New York art scene. The gallery currently has three exhibitions on view: a groupRead MoreEssay Museum of Modern Art in New York1623 Words   |  7 PagesRockefeller Jr.’s wife, Abby Aldrich, and two of her friends, who also happen to be progressive patrons of the art, Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan and Lillie P. Bliss. The three became to be known as â€Å"the daring ladies†. To begin their vision, they rented a small quarter for their new museum in November 9, 1929, nine days after the Wall Street Crash. Mr. A. Conger Goodyear was invited by Abby Aldrich, to become the president of the new museum, while Abby became its treasurer. It opened as the first American museumRead MoreArt Appreciation 2 - Research an Artist - Diego Rivera1666 Words   |  7 Pageswas two years old. He also had a sister, Maria del Pilar Rivera, who was 4-5 years younger than he was. ( 5. What were some of the significant childhood experiences in the early life of the artist? Rivera enrolled in his first art classes at ten years old. By thirteen, his father forces him into military college, but after only two short weeks he is allowed to enroll in regular classes in San Carlos. ( 6. Note any information on the education of the artistRead MoreThe Thoracic Ventricle1374 Words   |  6 PagesCT is usually done first to search a high-attenuation acute intramural hematoma (IMH). The contrast-enhanced scanning, which take after is the key part of the CT examination. The right timing of the entry of contrast material in the aorta is basic to picture quality. Approaches to accomplishing this incorporate a timing bolus or a bolus tracking technique (Kazerooni et al, 2009). Technical procedures: Previously, ECG gating has fundamentally been retrospective gating with whichRead MorePicasso s Influence On The 20th Century1160 Words   |  5 Pageshis home. Picasso kept the majority in his private possession during his lifetime. It was only in 1966, through the large Paris retrospective Hommage à   Picasso, that the public became fully aware of this side of his work. Picasso Sculpture focuses on the artist’s lifelong work with sculpture, with a distinct focus on his use of materials and processes. The exhibition, which features more than 100 sculptures, complemented by selected works on paper and photographs, aims to advance the understandingRead More Whitney Museum of Art Essay1163 Words   |  5 Pagesrepresenting nearly 2,000 individual artists and providing the most complete overview of twentieth-century American art of any museum in the world. The collection is also recognized for its in-depth commitment to a number of key artists. From the first half of the century, such seminal figures as Edward Hopper, Alexander Calder, Reginald Marsh, and Stuart Davis are richly represented. In the latter half of the century, the Museum has committed considerable resources toward acquiring a large bodyRead MoreGrant Wood1020 Words   |  5 PagesAnamosa, Iowa. Wood was born to Quaker parents on a small farm. This experience would be the basis o f his iconic images of small-town plain folk and verdant Midwestern vistas. He later moved to Cedar Rapids after the death of his father in 1901. He first studied at the Minneapolis School of design between 1910 and 1911 and became a professional designer while attending night courses at the University of Iowa and at the Art Institute of Chicago. At the end of 1915 he gave up designing and returned toRead More Grant Wood Essay1044 Words   |  5 PagesAnamosa, Iowa. Wood was born to Quaker parents on a small farm. This experience would be the basis of his iconic images of small-town plain folk and verdant Midwestern vistas. He later moved to Cedar Rapids after the death of his father in 1901. He first studied at the Minneapolis School of design between 1910 and 1911 and became a professional designer while attending night courses at the University of Iowa and at the Art Institute of Chicago. At the end of 1915 he gave up designing and returned toRead MoreAndy Warhol : Consumerism, Business And Authenticity1742 Words   |  7 Pagesbusiness and authenticity. Considered one of the most glamourous figures in contemporary art. An eccentric figure he became infamous for his eccentric way of seeing and experiencing the world. As I find is often the case, Duchamp said it best - â€Å"What s interesting is not that somebody would want to paint twenty-seven soup cans.   What’s interesting is the mind that would conceive of painting twenty-seven soup cans.† Fascinated with commerce and celebrity Warhol bridged the gap between the art worldRead MoreRight After The Fun Relaxing 1960’S And Excitement Of The1229 Words   |  5 PagesRight after the fun relaxing 1960’s and excitement of the american dream it all came crashing down in the 1970’s. Political distrust and economic unrest took its toll on the citizens of the United States and so they found refuge in the arts. With the Nixon watergate scandal, withdrawal from vietnam, inflation, the oil crisis, and increasing ‘slum’ areas the american dream began to fall apart, many people awoke to the idea that the United States was not as great as it supposedly was. Many activist